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Bright and eye-catching, the Hublot Big Bang Unico yellow sapphire watches replica high quality

Hublot began to invest in the research and development and innovation of sapphire materials in 2016. Since then, it has been pioneering in this field and has successively developed sapphire watch cases with colorful spectrums. Among them, the bright and clear polished yellow sapphire case is like the dazzling rays of the sun, strongly releasing the aura that summons wealth; the visual effect is particularly transparent, and you can clearly appreciate the exquisite internal mechanical structure and complex movement.

The Big Bang Unico yellow sapphire watch made of this innovative material has a diameter of 42mm. It weighs only 107 grams and appears in Baohongtang timepieces with a light and unmistakable edge. The same eye-catching hue extends to the yellow natural rubber strap. Equipped with HUB1280 self-winding flyback chronograph column wheel movement, the power reserve is up to 72 hours. replica watches for sale


Visually stunning with avant-garde appearance and cutting-edge technology, the HUBLOT BIG BANG Purple Sapphire Tourbillon Watch

Hublot innovatively launched the Big Bang purple sapphire tourbillon watch in 2022, becoming the world's first special-color sapphire complication watch. This watch is made of rare purple sapphire, and its unique clear color and texture are breathtaking. The watch is equipped with the HUB6035 three-day kinetic energy tourbillon self-winding movement independently developed by Hublot, which not only ensures the accuracy and reliability of the watch, but also fully demonstrates Hublot’s excellent watchmaking capabilities. The complexity of the production process of this watch makes it a rare collector's item. Now, after a year of production, it has finally arrived in Taiwan. It is available for VIP viewing only by appointment at the Taipei store.

The Big Bang Purple Sapphire Tourbillon replica swiss Watches launched by Hublot demonstrates the brand’s innovative strength in sapphire materials. The special purple sapphire case with a diameter of 44 mm is made of a secret proportion of alumina and chromium elements, forming a highly transparent purple sapphire material. The hardness of sapphire is second only to diamond. Hublot uses special machinery to The dial and crown are treated with fine frosted surfaces, which further shows the level and details of the watch. In addition, it is equipped with the HUB6035 automatic winding tourbillon movement, which not only provides high-precision timing functions, but also has the advantages of automatic winding and tourbillon stability. The exclusive "One Click" single-button quick-release strap device allows the wearer to change straps of different materials and colors according to the clothing style and occasion. The clear purple sapphire extends from the case to the strap. Whether paired with a dark formal suit, or a light-colored casual top and jeans, it can express a unique personality and sense of fashion. It has become a fan of watch collectors and fashion enthusiasts. I look forward to putting this visually stunning masterpiece on my hands.

Hublot's self-made HUB6035 self-winding tourbillon movement, the winding system uses high-hardness ceramic ball bearings, not only has the advantages of traditional movements with high accuracy, strong durability, and good stability, but also has a 72-hour power reserve. The appearance of the HUB6035 self-winding tourbillon movement also has its own special features. This movement adopts a modernist style, incorporating elements such as simplicity, geometry, and technology, and is made with extremely high craftsmanship. Because the sapphire case is quite light and transparent, and with the hollow dial design, you can clearly see the operating status of the honeycomb-style precision tourbillon and micro gears, which is amazing. In addition, the micro-rotor at 12 o'clock is made of 22K white gold. It has undergone multiple exquisite treatments such as chamfering, sunray pattern and sandblasting. The hollow brand logo is cleverly embellished with it, corresponding to the tourbillon device at 6 o'clock, and the mechanical rhythm is running. Create a harmonious rhythm on the dial. The HUB6035 movement combines complex functions with innovative craftsmanship aesthetics, demonstrating Hublot’s hard power in the R&D and manufacturing of self-made movements.Harry Winston Ocean replica Watch

The production process of the Big Bang Purple Sapphire Tourbillon watch takes one year, and every detail has been carefully polished and tested to ensure the quality and durability of the product. This watch is not only an accurate expression of time, but also a perfect fusion of technology and art. Now it has finally arrived in Taiwan. It will not only be the new favorite of watch fans and fashion lovers, but also provide modern technology and a sense of the future. innovative experience.

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