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Windev 18 Dump: The Best Solution for Developing Powerful Applications

Xdebug changes PHP's built-in var_dump() function to beHTML-formatted, and includes information about location. Theoverloaded var_dump() is active in HTML contexts (whenPHP's html_errors setting is 1), as well as on thecommand line.

Windev 18 dump


Here follows a list with settings that change the information that is shown in astack trace:xdebug.dump_globalsxdebug.dump_oncexdebug.dump_undefinedxdebug.dump.*xdebug.dump_globals controls whether information from superglobals is addedto the stack trace. You can configure which super globals and keys are shownwith the specific xdebug.dump.* settings, whether they shown only once withxdebug.dump_once, and whether to include undefined super global keys withxdebug.dump_undefined.xdebug.file_link_formatThe format of the generated link in theLocation column:.../stack.php:84xdebug.filename_formatWhich part(s) of the path to show in theLocation column.xdebug.max_stack_framesHow many stack frames to showxdebug.show_local_varsWhether to include the available variables from the scope of the last calleduser defined function.xdebug.var_display_max_dataxdebug.var_display_max_depthxdebug.var_display_max_childrenHow much information to include for arguments to function calls and localvariables. These are the same settings as used for improved var_dump() function.

If the setting is 2, then Xdebug will always color var_dumps and stacktrace, no matter whether it's connected to a tty or whether ANSICON isinstalled. In this case, you might end up seeing escape codes.

When this setting is set to something != 0 Xdebug's generated stack dumpsin error situations will also show all variables in the top-most scope. Bewarethat this might generate a lot of information, and is therefore turned off bydefault.

Controls the maximum string length that is shownwhen variables are displayed with either xdebug_var_dump(),xdebug.show_local_vars or when making a Function Trace.To disable any limitation, use -1 as value.

This function displays structured information about one or more variables that includes its type, value and refcount information. Arrays are explored recursively with values. This function is implemented differently from PHP's debug_zval_dump() function in order to work around the problems that that function has because the variable itself is actually passed to the function. Xdebug's version is better as it uses the variable name to lookup the variable in the internal symbol table and accesses all the properties directly without having to deal with actually passing a variable to a function. The result is that the information that this function returns is much more accurate than PHP's own function for showing zval information.


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