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Facebook Client For Windows Mobile

To get started with Azure Mobile Apps, complete a Getting Started tutorial. The tutorial covers the basics of producing a mobile service and client of your choice. It also covers integrating authentication and offline sync. You can complete the tutorial multiple times, once for each client application.

facebook client for windows mobile

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Messenger Mobile (formerly named Windows Live Messenger Mobile) was the version of Messenger that was aimed to be used on mobile devices over a cellular data plan or Wi-Fi (if supported by the phone). There was also a WAP-compatible version that may be used on any mobile device, and also specific client versions designed for Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry and Nokia Series 60 devices.

The Windows Live Messenger for iOS client supported receiving of instant messaging notifications even when the application closed, and allowed Multiple Points of Presence (MPOP) such that a user can be signed into multiple locations at the same time. Photos and albums could also be uploaded from the mobile devices onto Windows Live Photos, based on SkyDrive, and the application allowed simple image editing capabilities and people tagging within the photos. The application also supported the "Messenger social" feed on Windows Live Profile, allowing users to view and comment on the social updates and activities of their contacts on Windows Live, as well as those on Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn once these social networks had been connected to Windows Live as a "Service".

The Windows Live Messenger Mobile client came as a Java ME mobile application pre-loaded on devices such as Nokia 7610, Nokia 7510, Nokia 7210, Nokia 6700c, Nokia 6600s, Nokia 6303c, Nokia 6260s, Nokia 5220, Nokia 5130XM, Nokia 3720c, Nokia 3710f, Nokia, 3600s, Nokia 2730c, Nokia 2700c, Nokia 5530, Nokia 6303c and Nokia X3.

A client for Windows Live Messenger was developed by Microsoft for the Symbian S60 Platform commonly used on mobile phones such as Nokia smartphones and released on August 23, 2007, to selected markets. In May 2009, the client was made available on the Ovi Store. This version of Windows Live Messenger included many of the features of the Windows Live Messenger client, including grouped contacts, voice clips (max 10 seconds), image and file sending; as well as features unique to S60 such as tabbed chat windows and integration with contact list and other features of the S60 platform.[71] When the trial expires the cost to users of Messenger for S60 is 1.50/$2.94 for 30 calendar days of use.[72] As of February 2009, Microsoft stopped charging for Windows Live Mobile and the service is now offered for free.[73]


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