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Klim Dyachkov
Klim Dyachkov

SolidWorks Video Tutorial Magnitude Training !!HOT!!

I am a member of a student team that is working on understanding of axial flux electric motors and generators. Using EMWorks we were able to do electromagnetic, structural and thermal analysis of different kinds of motors and generators. Software is very intuitive and easy to use, learning time is a lot shorter than in other similar software packages. There are a lot of tutorial videos on youtube which is also really beneficial for understanding many of the funcionalities of the software. The integration inside Solidworks is flawless and output pictures of the simulation results are very informative. EMWorks support team was really helpful when we encountered some problems in defining simulation parameters. We highly recommend using EMWorks!

SolidWorks Video Tutorial Magnitude Training

The steps of the pipeline are illustrated by the images above. As a user, you have the option to change the amount of blurring that is done. The more blurring is performed, the less likely are the subtle edges in the image to affect the segmentation. You also have control over the function used to remap the gradient magnitude image into the feature image. This lets you increase or decrease the contrast of the feature image. You will learn how to construct the edge feature image in a later section of the tutorial.


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