Learning Bharathanatyam could be a life long journey that helps students develop various essential life skills, such as self discipline, patience, perseverance, endurance and resilience. 

At Samarpana, each student is valued for their own unique strengths, and are given room to develop their own creative spirit. 

Students progress through three broad levels over a number of years of Bharathanatyam training, while learning many aspects of the dance form, including the history, culture, dance theory, classical music and rhythm. 



The beginner lessons focus on laying a strong foundation for students by bringing awareness to correct posture, body alignment and the basic stances in Bharathanatyam. Students continue to practice body awareness while learning the Adavus (basic building blocks of Bharathanatyam). Basic dance theory and rhythm are also introduced.


Intermediate students continue to enhance their knowledge of various adavus, particularly the more complex ones, and begin learning dance items in a traditional Bharathanatyam repertoire. Students also learn theoretical aspects of Bharathanataym, and thalam (nuances of rhythm in Indian classical music and dance).


Arangetram (debut recital) is an important milestone in the journey of the dance student. Students who wish to perform their arangetram, are given intense one-on-one training to prepare them for their first ever solo recital in Bharathanatyam. Students often discover a part of themselves while going through this process and gain many essential life skills.


Your advanced training begins at SID once you have completed your Arangetram with us, or have learnt a full repertoire. Many students consider the Arangetram as their end goal, however, we believe it is only the beginning. We believe this is a stage of self-development. Students learn advanced skills and theory in dance, and begin to develop choreographic skills.