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Bharathanatyam Dance Classes

The Samarpana Institute offers Bharathanatyam classes in the Kalakshetra style, for children (5 years and above) and adults. Classes are operated during the NSW school terms, in Blacktown & Pendle Hill. With small class sizes, students are given individual attention and quality training in Bharathanatyam.

School holiday workshops are offered to enhance and consolidate the students' learning and knowledge in Bharathanatyam

Nattuvangam Classes

Nattuvangam is the art of teaching and conducting a dance recital. Nattuvangam classes are offered for existing dance teachers and students who have completed advanced training at Samarpana. We have developed a 1-year course in Nattuvangam, for serious dance students, who envision becoming dance teachers themselves.

Both face-to-face, as well as online classes, are offered.

Traditional Tamil Martial Arts

Silambam is an ancient Tamil Martial Art Form using a long stick for self-defence.

At Samarpana foundational training in Silambam is provided for senior dance students as an allied art, or for anyone who wants to learn this art form alone.

Silambam classes are available for children from 8 years old, and adults. 

Classes: Schedule
2024 Class Schedule & Enrolment

Want to try out a class before you enrol? 

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