About Samarpana Institue

We welcome students of diverse backgrounds for a cultural enrichment experience through learning Bharathanatyam, its history, cultural context along with the technicalities of the art form. At Samarpana our mission is to provide an environment where students can develop their individual potential by identifying and catering to various learning styles.

Our approach to training is quite unique and holistic with a keen focus on enhancing mind and body awareness through specialised warm-up routines, stretches, and breathing exercises developed from Yoga, Kalaripayattu and Silambam. Combined with the practical training students learn important theoretical aspects, fundamentals of rhythm and develop knowledge of Indian classical music.


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Bharathanatyam Artist/Teacher

A gifted Bharathanatyam Dancer and a practicing Psychotherapist, Shobana was introduced to the art of Bharathanatyam at the age of 5 under Smt Sivananthy Haridharshan, in Sri Lanka. Shobana completed her Arangetram in Australia in 2004, and from 2006 started her professional dance journey in India. She had received training in Bharathanatyam under the esteemed Guru Padmabhushan Prof. C. V. Chandrasekhar, and Smt. Bragha Bessell in Chennai.

Shobana’s career as a performing artist and dance teacher has spanned over 13 years. She has performed both solos and in groups in Australia and all over India, including performances at Chennai’s December Music & Dance Festivals. Shobana was recognised and honored with The International Women’s Day Award 2018, by the Rotary Club of Granville, for her contributions to the arts and culture of NSW.

With her background in Education, Shobana understands and caters to the diverse learning needs and abilities of students. She takes a gentle and creative approach in training her students in the nuances of Bharathanatyam.

An excerpt from Shobana's Solo performance in Chennai, December 2018.



Bharathanatyam & Nattuvangam Artist/Choreographer

Suresh is a multi-faceted artist excelling as a Bharathanatyam dancer, choreographer, nattuvangam artist and teacher. He was trained under renowned exponents of the art form in India, Dr. Uma Anand & Prof. C. V. Chandrasekhar. Suresh has an innate sense of rhythm and has composed jathis (rhythm syllables) and items for dance in rare & complex rhythm sequences. He was awarded a scholarship in Nattuvangam in 2007, by the Sangeet Natak Academy, Central Government of India. He has had the privilege of supporting many eminent artists on the Nattuvangam, including his own Guru, Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar.


He is also a keen percussionist, a self-taught morsing player, and currently training in Mridangam under Sri T.R. Sundaresan in Chennai.

Suresh holds a Diploma in Dance and Diploma in Nattuvangam from the Annamalai University in Chidambaram and has been a dance teacher for nearly 15 years.

Along with his wife Shobana, Suresh has performed in many notable platforms around India and Australia. 

Head to Suresh's YouTube channel to view his compositions & choreographies