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Soul Knight PC Version: Download and Install on Your Computer


Soul Knight is a game made by ChillyRoom Inc. for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, released as of February 17th, 2017. The game is inspired by the game Enter The Gungeon and features a fast-paced dungeon crawler gameplay with rogue-like elements. The game is set in a time where there is magic, aliens, guns, and swords. The dynamic gameplay is based on a magical stone that maintains the balance of the world. But when high-tech aliens steal it, the world is in danger, and it all depends on you to retrieve the magic stone and save the world.

soul knight download for pc

If you are looking for a game that will challenge your reflexes, test your skills, and keep you entertained for hours, then Soul Knight is right up your alley. You will need to explore randomly generated dungeons, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets, and shoot'em all up. You will also encounter various characters, enemies, bosses, traps, buffs, statues, plants, pets, and more. You can play solo or with friends in online or offline multiplayer modes. You can also customize your character with different skins, skills, weapons, and upgrades.


Soul Knight has many features that make it a unique and enjoyable game. Here are some of them:

  • 20+ unique heroes - You can choose from different heroes with different abilities and playstyles. Some of them are a rogue, an elf archer, a magician, a knight, a priest, a robot, a vampire, and more.

  • 400+ weapons - You can find and use various weapons in the game, such as guns, swords, shovels, staffs, bows, lasers, rockets, grenades, hammers, axes, daggers, etc. Each weapon has its own stats, effects, and special abilities.

  • Randomly generated dungeons - You will never play the same dungeon twice as they are randomly generated every time you enter. You will encounter different biomes, enemies, bosses, traps, treasures, NPCs, etc.

  • Auto-aim mechanism - You don't have to worry about aiming your shots as the game has an auto-aim mechanism that makes it super intuitive and easy to control. You just have to dodge, fire, cast skills, and score combos.

  • Multiplayer mode - You can play with up to 3 friends online or offline in co-op or versus mode. You can also join random rooms or create your own with custom settings.

  • Assorted game modes and features - You can also enjoy other game modes and features such as boss rush mode where you fight against all bosses in a row; tower defense mode where you defend your base from waves of enemies; season mode where you complete challenges and earn rewards; origin mode where you unlock the secrets of the game; matrix mode where you loop through endless dungeons; garden mode where you grow plants that give you buffs; workshop mode where you craft weapons and upgrade your character; etc.


Soul Knight is a game that combines action and survival elements. You will start each run with a hero of your choice and a starter weapon. You will then enter a dungeon that consists of several floors with multiple rooms each. Your goal is to clear each room by killing all enemies while avoiding getting hit by their bullets or traps. You will also find chests that contain weapons or items that can help you along the way. You can switch between two weapons at any time by tapping on them.

You will also encounter statues that grant you with different buffs or debuffs depending on their color and type. You can activate them by spending coins or gems that you collect from enemies or chests. You will also meet NPCs that can offer you services such as healing, trading, gambling, etc. for a price. You can also interact with other objects such as plants, barrels, vending machines, etc. that can have various effects.

At the end of each floor, you will face a boss that has more health and damage than regular enemies. You will have to defeat the boss to proceed to the next floor. The boss will also drop a weapon or an item that you can pick up. The difficulty of the game increases as you go deeper into the dungeon. You will encounter more enemies, stronger bosses, and fewer resources. If you die, you will lose all your progress and have to start over from the beginning. However, you can also revive yourself by spending gems or watching ads.

You can also customize your character by choosing different skins, skills, weapons, and upgrades. You can unlock new skins by completing achievements or buying them with gems. You can unlock new skills by finding them in the dungeon or buying them with gems. You can unlock new weapons by finding them in the dungeon or crafting them in the workshop. You can upgrade your character by spending coins or gems on stats such as health, armor, energy, critical chance, etc.

Download and Install

Soul Knight is available for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch devices. However, if you want to play it on your PC, you will need to use an emulator. An emulator is a software that allows you to run mobile apps on your PC. There are many emulators that you can use, but one of the most popular ones is BlueStacks.

Here are the steps to download and install Soul Knight on your PC using BlueStacks:

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  • Download and install BlueStacks from its official website:

  • Launch BlueStacks and sign in with your Google account.

  • Go to the Google Play Store app and search for Soul Knight.

  • Click on the install button and wait for it to finish.

  • Once installed, you can find Soul Knight on the home screen or the app drawer of BlueStacks.

  • Click on the Soul Knight icon and enjoy playing it on your PC.

Tips and Tricks

Soul Knight is a game that requires skill, strategy, and luck. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance in the game:

  • Choose your hero wisely - Each hero has different strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are better suited for certain weapons or playstyles than others. For example, the rogue has high mobility and critical chance but low health and armor; the elf archer has high range and damage but low energy and melee; the magician has high energy and skill cooldown but low health and armor; etc. Try to choose a hero that matches your preference and situation.

  • Experiment with different weapons - There are hundreds of weapons in the game, each with its own characteristics and effects. Some of them are more effective against certain enemies or bosses than others. For example, fire weapons are good against ice enemies but bad against fire enemies; laser weapons are good against armored enemies but bad against reflective enemies; melee weapons are good against close-range enemies but bad against long-range enemies; etc. Try to find and use weapons that suit your hero and strategy.

  • Use your skills wisely - Each hero has a unique skill that can give you an edge in combat. Some of them are offensive, such as shooting bullets or missiles; some of them are defensive, such as creating shields or healing; some of them are supportive, such as summoning pets or allies; etc. Try to use your skills at the right time and place to maximize their effect.

Interact with everything - The game is full of interactive objects that can help or hinder you in various ways. For example, plants can give you buffs or debuffs depending on their type; barrels can explode when shot or kicked; vending machines can sell you weapons or items for coins; statues can grant you buffs or debuffs for coins or gems; NPCs can offer you services or quests for coins


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