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Klim Dyachkov
Klim Dyachkov

Kal Ho Naa Ho: A Review of the Comedy-Drama-Romance That Won Hearts and Awards

the water in the desert creates a film-like quality for the shot. if the water was muddy, muddy streaks would appear on the film. if there was algae on the water surface, it would definitely appear on the actual film footage. this is something the filmmakers were keen on because when you shoot it, you don't realize it's water until you start editing. the shots were taken from 200 feet away from the actual filming location of the location to create this "cracked glass" look. the way to do this was by using 8mm film and putting it in a bathtub filled with fresh water and adding some salt to it. the salt acts as an anti-halation filter, allowing the light to pass through, but blocking any reflection. once all the salt is gone, all the light reflection will make the water surface look like a mirror. this gives the shot a really cool look.

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in order to make good cinematography, shooting must be carried out in an appropriate way. the majority of cinematography is done from the general vantage point of the general public, but a good cinematographer will be also willing to negotiate with the time and place of the shooting to make the shot more convenient for the viewer, which in turn will add more interest to the scene.

a v, a b). each of them draws a suspension; one can object against the suspension of the other. how then does one determine the competency of the other on the third person? merely by looking at the event: one sees a suspension of the other and understands that here a suspension is being drawn as an alternative to an act of resistance; further, one understands that the other does indeed have a competency here. but since the two is not the subject of the suspension, one determines the competency only by its outside effect.


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