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Skype For Mac 10.5.2

10.5.2 Skype may change the charges payable for the purchase of Recurring Products (such as Skype Numbers) at any time without any notice to You. You can choose whether or not to accept the new charges prior to completing Your next purchase of the applicable Skype Product. The new charge will apply to Your next purchase after the adjustments have been published on the Skype Website. You agree that by continuing to use the Skype Products following the adjustments of the charges, You accept the new charges.

Skype For Mac 10.5.2

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16.1 New Versions. Skype reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. By using the Skype Products You agree that Skype may provide You with notice of a change to this Agreement by posting the change on, in Your Skype Manager, by e-mail, by posting the modified Agreement on the relevant legal pages of or by any other means of communication. Such notices will be effective and binding on You on the date that they are posted and Skype is not required to provide You with further notice in order for You to continue using the Skype Products. If You do not accept these changes, then You must terminate Your use of the Skype Products and Skype Software immediately. You can find the latest version of this Agreement at -tou-us.

20.6.1 A fair usage policy applies at and is incorporated herein by reference. Skype reserves the right to change the fair usage policy at any time. Changes shall become effective when published on the Skype Website. Your continued use of group video calling after publication on the Skype Website shall constitute your acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of the revised fair usage policy.

20.6.4 Software Versions. If a participant of a group video call is not on a version of Internet Communications Software that supports group video calls, then the call will be an audio call only for that participant. For details of the system requirements for group video calling, please see

21.1 Using Skype Software mobile applications Where available, Linked Account Users are able to use some of the Skype Products (such as calling phones, Internet messaging (chatting), and making and/or receiving of Skype-to-Skype calls), through the Skype mobile application and through other Skype Software mobile applications. The use of Skype Software through mobile applications is only available to certain users. Check -skype/skype-for-mobile/ for functionality available to You. Skype reserves the right to add or withdraw functionality available for Skype Software mobile applications at any time. To enable and use Skype Software mobile applications, Your Linked Account Users will need access to a cellular data network. They will also need to download and install the appropriate mobile/cellular version of Skype Software onto their mobile device.

Complete a Privacy and Civil Liberties Impact Assessment (PCLIA) for any system using SBU data. Refer to IRM 10.5.2, Privacy and Information Protection, Privacy Compliance and Assurance, for more information about PCLIAs.

The IRS requires PCLIAs for pilot projects, research, experimentation, the use of innovative technologies, technical demonstrations, prototypes, and proof of concepts, and the like. For more information about the PCLIA process, refer to IRM 10.5.2 and IRM 2.16.1.

A SharePoint PIA is required any time a SharePoint site collection contains SBU data (including PII and tax information). The IRS reviews these privacy protections through the SharePoint PIA process. For more information on SharePoint PCLIAs, refer to IRM 10.5.2, Privacy Compliance and Assurance (PCA) Program.

This IRM and IRM 10.5.2, Privacy Compliance Assurance (PCA) Program, provide links and references to other IRMs and programs that work closely with PPC or contain elements of privacy within those programs. IRS personnel must familiarize themselves with and use all links and reference IRMs, as appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, the following privacy-related programs, not all which PGLD manages.

IRM 10.5.2: Privacy and Civil Liberties Impact Assessment (PCLIA), PCLIA Roles and Responsibilities, Major Change Determination (MCD) for PCLIA, Business PII Risk Assessment (BPRA), Responsibilities, BPRA Roles and Responsibilities

Upon booting the first time the graphics were sluggish and it could only run at 10204x768. There are a number of posts on the topic of video drivers, the problem is some of them are dated. NVinject worked for my 10.5.2 Kalyway install, but did not work for the 10.5.6 retail. Instead I had to use EFI Studio (found in the v4.4 package from earlier) and selected the 8600 GT 512 MB item. ![efistudio]( )Then I clicked "Add Device" which brought up this window:

I bought the family an iMac computer about six months ago and for the most part have been very happy. In the last three weeks, the leopard operating system (Mac OS X 10.5.2), has crashed three or four times! Most of the times it has been when using Safari on a website with flash like SingSnap. So, I stopped using Safari. This morning, I again received the dreaded "Grey shade of death", which also goes by the name the "black screen of death" or the "black drape of death", which is the Apple equivalent to Microsoft's "blue screen of death". The crash occured while using Skype but doing nothing else and skype had been running for over 30 minutes fine. Before I posted this I went on both Apple's forums and performed several google searches to see if anyone was talking about this latest instability. Unfortunately, there is too much clutter relating to Mac crashes (as evidenced by the multiple names for a crash) that you cannot find a clear answer. Ok, so whether it is based on the latest Apple patch or some other weird interaction - as of right now, Mac OS X 10.5.2 is unstable and not trust worthy for day to day use! That being said - it brings up a stark contrast between's Apple's advertising (in its many very public advertisements mocking Windows Vista) and the current reality.

Unfortunately, Spaces does not work, at least for me, properly with cmd-tab application switching. I too hoped to see it fixed in 10.5.2 but it took around a minute to find it still broken. It appears that cmd-tab will still activate the latest used window of an app, even if it is on another Space. cmd-tabbing thus results in two inactive windows on your current Space. Additionally, the window you want in front, vanishes behind all other windows when you try to cmd-tab to it if there is another window of that app in another space.


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