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Welcome to our School!


Samarpana, meaning "a divine offering," is a dance school that offers the essence of the ancient art form of Bharathanatyam. The Samarpana Institute was co-founded by Sydney-based dance couple, Suresh and Shobana in 2010.


We strive to provide quality education in Bharathanatyam in an engaging and stimulating environment for students to thrive and develop their creative potential.

Students of Samarpana also learn to appreciate the aesthetics and rich cultural heritage of the art form.



What is Bharathanatyam?

Bharathanatyam as it is known today is the oldest classical dance tradition of India dating over 2000 years old.

As per the etymology of the word Bha-ra-tha-natyam, Natyam means dance, while bha comes from Bhava (expression of emotions), ra from raga (melody) and tha from thala (rhythm). So these three are an integral part of this dance form.

Why learn Bharathanatyam? 

Bharathantyam is a highly technical art form, that takes many years to master, however, anyone can train in it and reap the many benefits of this dance. With the regular practice of Bharathantyam, students can develop a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It enhances the body-mind connection through movement, mime and storytelling. In Bharathanatyam, every part of the body is utilised in a well-defined and synchronised manner, thus improving balance, coordination, stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, circulation, and memory.  

At Samarpana, our teachers understand the importance of teaching such a technical art form in the correct way, ensuring that students learn how to understand their own bodies and to maintain correct posture while training.


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Children and Adults


For Advanced Students


Children and Adults


We are an approved provider for both the Active Kids and Creative Kids programs by the NSW government. Claim your vouchers and save towards your child's dance lessons!

Enrolments for 2023 are open now!


The Gurus

The instructors at Samarpana Institute of Dance are Professionally Trained Bharathanatyam Artists and experienced Teachers. 

They understand the importance of this art form and are quite skilled at transferring it to students, in a way that students can find learning it meaningful and enjoyable. 

Both our instructors as well as any casual teachers hold NSW Working with Children Approvals.


Samarpana Institute is a very good dance school that provides good quality teaching, supervision, and individual attention to students. The teachers are very friendly and highly skilled with profound knowledge; teaching each student patiently with passion. My elder daughter attends classes there and she enjoys learning her favorite art form 'Bharathanatyam'. If you are looking for such motivated environment, 'Samarpana Institute of Dance' is one of the best places !!

Ramya, Parent

Upcoming Events

  • Abhivriddi 2023
    Abhivriddi 2023
    Sat, 04 Nov
    Cherrybrook Community Centre
    04 Nov, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Cherrybrook Community Centre, 31 Shepherds Dr, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia
    Annual Student Showcase with Live Orchestra


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