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1. Miss Lady Hawk Herself

When emerging from below, Shayera was confronted by a group of news reporters. One of the questions that were raised was her dismissal from the League. John Stewart revealed that she was never dismissed from the League, which was news to Shayera herself as she never bothered to ask and gave them a chance to tell her what they voted. John told Shayera that he recused himself from the vote due to his personal feelings for her, resulting in a 3-2 vote in favor of retaining her League membership. Superman admitted that he cast the tie-breaking vote despite his distrust after the invasion because he still believes in her. Her return to the outside world was not only greeted by reporters, but detractors were at the scene as well. However, Shayera was also warmly thanked by the family she saved earlier in the episode, which gave her a much-needed hopeful smile that she can fix her damaged reputation as a hero.[17]

1. Miss Lady Hawk Herself

However, Shayera still met conflict with Vixen. Once, they, along with Vigilante, were assigned to a rescue mission on a distant moon where alien miners were having problems due to the supposed high levels of unstable Nth metal. However, it turned out to be a trap set by Paran Dul, who was leading a group of Thanagarian soldiers including the mentally disabled Kragger. During their confrontation on the moon, Paran revealed that Shayera's betrayal had led to Thanagar's defeat by the Gordanians and that Hro Talak had been killed while fighting back. A distressed Shayera was tempted to turn herself in and let them pass judgment on her, but Vixen and Vigilante refused to let her go. 041b061a72


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